Our Expertise


How it all began

One day I was talking with my boss and telling him how we were looking for an RV to purchase.  It just so happened that his mom and dad were selling a 1994 Damon 21 foot RV that had been sitting in storage for the past two years and they were wanting to unload it.  


Devin Giving her a good washing

Our maiden voyage was to Miami Whitewater Campground in Cincinnati, Ohio.  For some reason, I cannot locate any photos from this trip :(.  

We had a wonderful weekend with the kids and new from that day forward, RVing was totally for us... Until this happened...


Yes, this poor ol' boy caught fire while I was driving him back to the storage place.  Totaled... Glad I got full coverage Insurance.  The RV wasn't even titled in our name yet.  

Welcome Betsy...  RV Version 2.0


We took the insurance money and bought a 1995 Coachman Catalina Sport 29 feet - yes it says Sport.  Nothing sporty about this baby.  I always wonder why they put the word sport on RVs, SUVs, Trucks...


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Additional Options

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